West Zone’s supermarkets are synonymous with freshness and high quality. Serving customers, a wide range of products at its branches across the country, has become an integral part of customers’ lives.

December 2, 2005 – The U.A.E. National Day, is a cherished day for West Zone Group as the first Supermarket in Mirdiff, Dubai, U.A.E. was inaugurated on this day. Thus came into existence “West Zone Group”, spearheaded by its dynamic Chairman Naresh Kumar Bhawnani. 

From then on, the Group has never looked back and it has seen a rapid upward swing ever since. West Zone Group initially started with Supermarkets and in Two decades, the group with Annual Revenue in Billions with a diversified portfolio, which now includes: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Building Contracting, Malls, Hotels & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Real Estate & Fashion Wear.

The Group has proudly turned into a renowned household name all over the U.A.E., with its 150 Supermarkets, each market sized between 5,000 sq. ft. to 50,000 sq.ft., dotted all over the U.A.E. in every possible prominent location, serving an extremely vast mix of diverse communities in each location.

The Group takes pride in its brand “West Zone” which is built upon the tradition of providing customers with an unmatched variety of high-quality products from local markets and from all over the globe, all at highly affordable prices.

West Zone Group embarks into the onward horizon focusing on future plans for the Group’s activities to surge further and spread successfully all over the U.A.E., the GCC countries, and beyond. One of the many interesting beliefs of our Chairman is “The only thing we strive for is a brilliant smile on our customer’s faces when they shop with us” adding “that the three business criteria he always lives by are the three Ps: People (Customers), Power (Employees) and Price (Affordability).”


West ZoneLive Better Today!

A brief insight into some very impressive numbers to speak about:

•  150 Locations

•  Millions of Satisfied Customers

•  5000+ Employees

•  Millions of Sq Ft of Retail Area

•  5000+ Local & Global Brands




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